We purchase all our equipment from one of the premier car wash manufacturers in the world. It is designed to safely wash all types of vehicles. Although many people disregard our disclaimers, which are posted throughout our sites and numerous times before entering our wash tunnels, and safely wash their vehicles regularly we are not responsible for any off the following items.

  • Antennas or Side Mirrors

Antennas that lower will break if not lowered, we can not be held responsible with being expected on knowing how to lower antennas on all makes or models. Other antennas can also vibrate loose or not be seated properly from regular driving which can cause them to break in our car wash. Please make sure your antennas are screwed in before visiting the car wash. Many vehicles have should have their mirrors folded in before entering the car wash, due to many different makes and models, varying ways to fold them in, and automatic mirrors, this is the customers responsibility to fold them in.

  • Moonroof, Sunroofs, Glass or Bug-shields

We are not responsible for moonroofs & sunroofs, being left open. We will do our best to catch it if we can, but you are coming to a car wash, it is your responsibility to close all windows. If there are previous cracks or chips in your glass it could be impacted by the sudden temperature change of our water hitting the glass, therefore we are not responsible for any glass damage. There is nothing in our car wash that could cause any type of damage to the glass unless there was preexisting damage.

  • Luggage, Bike, or Roof Racks

These racks have lots of nooks and crannies and are not designed to safely go through car washes. The manufacturers of these racks specifically say not to go through car washes. Any damage caused to the rack or from the rack to your vehicle will be your responsibility.

  • Loose, Broken, or Previously Damaged Parts.

If screws, clips, moulding, body parts, etc are previously damaged then it gives our equipment a place to get where it doesn’t belong. This is not our responsibility because if the parts were in proper condition our car wash would not cause more damage.

  • Wipers

Wipers must be shut off by the vehicles owner. Automatic wiper blades will get caught in our equipment and damage your vehicle and our equipment. Customers should never turn on wiper blades inside the car wash as it can damage their vehicle and our equipment.

  • Non-Factory Installed Items

Many people like to add items to their vehicle to make it theirs. Due to the varying quality aftermarket parts, installation, etc. We are not responsible for any items on your vehicle that was not installed at the factory, including dealership installed parts.

  • Any Parts Blown Off by Water Pressure or Dryers

Our equipment is specced by a healthy margin to safely wash all vehicles. If our water pressure or blowers blow anything off it is due to one of the above items and not our responsibility.

  • Any damage to vehicle over 10 years old or 100,000 miles

Your vehicle make look as good as the day you drove it off the lot, but due to general wear and tear of driving and time, there maybe many unseen items that diminish the integrity of your vehicle such as missing clips, screws, rust, etc which could cause damage if it goes through our car wash.

  • Customers must pre-clean all open pickup beds, close all windows, sunroof, moonroof, fold in mirrors, disengage alarms and turn off wipers.

Any damage caused to your vehicle or other customers vehicles due to disregarding this statement is your responsibility.

  • Due to unknown and varying vehicle conditions, we are responsible only for OBSERVABLE and REPEATABLE car wash malfunctions.

We wash 100,000’s of cars a year at our car washes safely. It feels great to step back after getting your car wash to see it shiny and clean and nothing is worse than stepping back to look at your clean car and seeing a new scratch or dent that you hadn’t seen before. We buy the best equipment available to safely wash vehicles, neither us or the car wash equipment manufacturer would be in business very long if our equipment damaged vehicles. But taking our word that the scratch or dent was there before can be tough as it is only now that you are seeing it.  We know it is most likely that it was covered in dirt or perhaps you haven’t had the chance to step back to inspect your vehicle in awhile. Thats why we will always ask to photograph your car and then re-run it through the car wash again to see if we can observe any equipment malfunction or new damage. If we can not observe any new damage or equipment malfunction, then unfortunately it was preexisting and we are not responsible.

Attached is a copy of the disclaimer which is posted throughout all of our sites. The signs are 44″ x 28″ and an be found inside and outside our facilities including multiple places before the entrance of our washes.