Back in the day, car washes used to utilized heavy nylon brushes that would clean well, but also leave behind small swirl marks in the paint requiring a detail to get them out. Today’s car washes are not your fathers car washes. We utilize Neo-Glide foam and microfiber cloth, both of which don’t scratch or retain any solids in them. A modern friction car wash is far better for your paints finish than a Touch-Free or touchless wash.

Touch-free car washes rely on harsh chemicals to clean your vehicle. The anology we like to use is, as follows.

Imaging your hands are dirty, no friction means no rubbing them together so would you prefer to have harsh chemicals applied to your hands to remove the grime and probably a few layers of skin in the process, or would you prefer to use gentle cleansers and light friction to wash away the dirt?

Unfortunately being in New England, our roads see a lot of abuse and debris throughout the seasons. Sand, potholes, leaves, etc, all seem to be flung at our cars finish. Even the most cautious drivers will still experience small blemishes and hairline scratches due to these driving conditions. The best solution to remove these is a detail service utilizing high speed buffing and compound. All of our detailers are Simoniz Trained and will provide the best quality service using only the best Simoniz and Ardex detailing supplies.