Unfortunately being in New England, our roads see a lot of abuse and debris throughout the seasons. Sand, potholes, leaves, etc, all seem to be flung at our cars finish. Even the most cautious drivers will still experience small blemishes and hairline scratches due to these driving conditions. The best solution to remove these is a detail service utilizing high-speed buffing and compound. All of our detailers are Simoniz Trained and will provide the best quality service using only the best Simoniz and Ardex detailing supplies.

    Info On Detailing Services

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    Schedule a Detail

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    We have some guidelines on how long it should take, but every vehicle is unique. Some are bigger than others, some are dirty than others, and some are colors that take a bit more time to complete.

    Below are our approximate time to complete our detail services:

    • Interior Detail – ~2hrs
    • Exterior Detail – ~2hrs
    • Full Bumper 2 Bumper Detail – ~4hrs
    • Showroom Detail – ~6hrs

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