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The Many Shades of Clean

A clean car is a wonderful thing. A car that makes you want to update

your contacts prescription just so you can look at it? That’s a car that’s had The Best Car Wash.

Want your vehicle as pristine on the inside as it is out? Check out our Express and Full Detailing Menu

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Includes Best Plus: simonizhotwax_sm

Includes Better Plus:
Vision Clear
Double-Bond Teflon
Includes Good Plus: Tire Shine
Triple Foam
Includes Basic Plus: Undercarriage Rust Inhibitor Clear Coat
Car Wash
Interior Windows
Towel Dry

Exterior Only Washes Available for All Packages at a Discount.
Signature Wash is currently only available at our Prospect Location

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    As you drive, corrosive materials can build up under your poor car's undercarriage. Our floor-mounted spray nozzles help your car stay clean where the sun doesn't shine so it can run better, longer. When it comes to damaging debris, salt is the worst offender. We recommend using this service every two months throughout the year and more frequently when there is salt on the roads.

    Our concentrated clear coat sealer wraps your car in a lemony-scented security blanket for spot free drying. The product is applaid through a spray arch in an automatic car wash. Reapplication is recommended every 30 days for constant protection.

    Simoniz Foam Polish provides extra-deep cleaning and a brighter shine. The combination of cleaning agents and silicone polymers, which are foamed onto your vehicle, is typically buffed in with a soft cloth or rinsed off under high pressure. Service recommendation: every 30 days for optimal shine.

    Tires can get pretty dirty after all those miles of cruising. But with a tire shine you can restore their original black sheen for a fresh look. This outstanding service provides the finishing touch to a properly cleaned or detailed vehicle. Try it out and see the difference a thorough tire shine can make. We recommend using this service every time you wash.

    Simoniz® Double BondTM is applied during the rinse cycle (just after the drying agent) and takes no extra time. Simoniz® Double BondTM is a film-forming process that cures as it dries on your vehicle. The next time it rains or your vehicle is washed, water will bead up and “fall off” like never before. Additional applications of Simoniz® Double BondTM will only enhance durability. Independent tests run at the DuPont Experimental Station show that Simoniz® Double BondTM will last up to 30 days on a vehicle’s surface when continually exposed to the environment 24 hours a day.

    For protection from rain, snow and sleet. A silicone-containing product that forms a molecular film for your windshield and seals the microscopic pores thus repelling rain, snow and sleet. The Vision Clear ® protected surface causes water droplets to bead up, allowing the windshield to blow the droplets away as you drive. The results: better vision and safer driving.
  • SIMONIZ HOT WAX and Shine

    Our new Simoniz Hot Wax & Shine service applies Simoniz’ world-famous carnauba wax to your entire vehicle, giving it that hand-rubbed finish without the effort required of hand-waxing! Regularly waxing your car will help it stay cleaner longer, protect it from minor scratches and provides UV protection. Simoniz Hot Wax & Shine offers all of these benefits plus the classic long-lasting Simoniz crystal-like shine.
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