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The Many Different Types of Motor Oil

If you want your car running as smoothly as it always has, you’re going to need to replace the oil once in a while (actually, you’ll need to replace it at manufacturer-specified intervals). Taking your car in for an oil change is quick and easy, but you will need to decide which type of motor oil is right for you.


The Purpose of Motor Oil


Every type of internal combustion engine needs some kind of lubricant to keep it chugging along with minimal resistance from friction. It helps keep the moving parts moving with minimal wear and tear. Oil also traps soot and sludge from the combustion process, which is why it eventually turns dark and needs to be replaced.


Understanding the Label


A key differentiator between oils is their viscosity at hot and cold temperatures. This is indicated by a label in this format: #W-#. The W stands for winter, and the number before it represents the viscosity at 0ºF. The number following the dash indicates the viscosity at 212ºF. Motor oil thins out as it heats up, and a lower number indicates a lower viscosity, thinner oil. Ideally, you want an oil that does not thin too much with heat or thicken too much when sitting idle in the frosty Connecticut winter.



Not Sure Which Type Is Right For Your Car?


Mobil has a site that will help you choose the right oil for your car by simply entering in the year, make, and model.


Our Oil Choices


We stick with Mobil motor oil for its quality and reliability. But Mobil oil comes in a range different formulas. Here’s what we’ve got:


Mobil 1*

All the latest cutting-edge motor oil tech in a bottle: fully synthetic, with the greatest extended performance at high or low temperatures – hence why more Nascar teams use Mobil 1 than any other oil.


• Mobil Super Full Synthetic*

Mobil Super is specifically formulated to prolong the life of your engine, with a focus on reducing wear, boosting fuel economy, and preventing sludge.


• Mobil Super High Mileage*

Formulated to offer the best performance to vehicles with odometers clocking in over 75,000 miles, Super High Mileage will help ensure your vehicle keeps chugging along for the miles to come by protecting against wear, tear, and sludge.


• Mobil Super*

Mobil’s premium conventional oil comes with a 5000-mile protection guarantee, giving you piece of mind it’s doing its job: protecting your engine for the miles to come.


• Mobil Basic

Basic, sure, but this conventional oil is carefully formulated to eke out the best performance possible from every engine it meets.


For more specifics about the relative advantages of these Mobil oil products, check out their comparison chart and see which formula delivers everything your car needs.


*All premium Mobil motor oils come with the Mobil Super Engine Guarantee.

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