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The Importance of a Healthy Radiator

Summer has hit Connecticut like a ton of bricks fresh out of the kiln. While we tend to think of winter as the most treacherous season for car travel, the summer can bring its own perils––specifically the risk of overheating. And when your upholstery gets a little too hot to touch, you know the engine will be facing its own struggles trying to keep cool.


Your vehicle’s heating and cooling system is vital not only for your comfort, but for your engine as well.  In the days leading up to the year’s hottest and coldest months, it is important to consider the health of your radiator, to ensure it won’t let the engine overheat and leave you stranded when the weather is least accommodating to being stranded. 


Now is the time to consider getting your coolant flush.


What Your Radiator Does


Your car’s radiator regulates the temperature of the engine by passing a coolant solution along the hot motor. The coolant then moves across a fan, which lowers its temperature before heading back to the engine. It is essentially a way to transfer the heat from the motor to the air through the passing coolant.


Why It Must Be Flushed


Over time, coolant in your radiator gets used up and breaks down as you drive. As this occurs, rust and other contaminants can build up in the antifreeze/water mixture, which can clog the radiator. Spend a lot of time driving around with dirty coolant, the sooner you’ll have to replace the entire radiator, at a huge expense.


Flushing your radiator is more than simply draining your vehicle’s antifreeze and replacing it with a fresh dose. It thoroughly cleans the radiator to clear out any buildup and keep your engine running at the optimal temperature.


When To Get Flushed


Advice on when to flush the radiator differs depending on who you are asking. Some say every year is safe. Some say every other year is just fine. The best advice comes from your vehicle’s manufacturer. Consult your owner’s manual if you are unsure how often you’ll need to get the radiator flushed. You could also remove the cap and take a peek at how the coolant is looking. Or have us do it.
Stay safe out there. And enjoy the heat while it lasts!

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