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Random Places You Can Visit By Car

As summer rolls around, and the outdoors become more appealing, our thoughts turn to one of our favorite seasonal pastimes: road trips. We live in one of the greatest countries for road trips. Not because the roads are so well-maintained, or because our train system is so inadequate, but because there is so much to see and do.

So here is the beginning of our list of random places to see throughout the United States. Please add your suggestions and help us grow the list.

Iowa-80 Truck Stop

Next time you happen to be heading on i-80 east of Iowa City, make a beef jerky and slurpy stop at the world’s largest trucking museum and truckstop, where you can learn all you ever cared to know about the world of trucking. Remember that almost everything we own has spent time on a truck, so pay your respects to these giant engines of commerce here.

Scandinavian Heritage Park

Want to experience an authentic Finnish sauna but can’t use that as a justification to fly all the way to Finland? Look no further than Minot, North Dakota where the Scandinavian Heritage Park will make your long-awaited Northern European dreams come true. The park also features “a full-size replica of the Gol Stave Church, which was moved from Gol, Hallingdal to the Folk Museum in Bygdoy Park in Oslo.” Fun stuff.

Vulcan Park

The citizens of Birmingham, Alabama are pretty lucky to have the Roman god of fire watching over them 24/7. Peering over the city from a nearby mountain top, Vulcan is the world’s largest cast iron statue. Fans of cast iron and statues are obligated to visit this site at least once in their lives. Everyone else should check it out if they’re stopping through.

Very Large Array Radio Telescope

Actually, it’s 27 antenna dishes working together to get the radio reception of one gigantic antenna. You may remember seeing them in the movie Contact, where they were used to receive instructions sent by unknown aliens. It could happen… thanks to all these dishes in the middle of the desert of New Mexico.

Longaburger Basket(s)

Dresden, Ohio is home to the world’s largest basket. Newark, Ohio is home to the company that made that basket’s headquarters, which looks like a giant basket. When traveling to Ohio you have a good chance of seeing a giant basket-like shape.

Know any other places just random enough to be awesome? Contribute your knowledge and photographs to our Facebook or tweet them at us.

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