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Photo Contest Results: Winners Who Play Dirty


For all those of you who like their cars sparkly, and have pronounced this clean car obsession by liking us on Facebook, you already know about the “It’s Always Dirtiest Before the Spring” photo contest. For everyone else, here’s how it worked: our fans submitted photos of their dirty cars and trucks, and everyone else voted to decide which was the dirtiest. Well the results are in. And here they are:


1st Place: Patty from Torrington

Prize: Showroom Detailing Package ($199.95 value)

Patty’s car may not seem all that dirty based on the picture, but she would prefer that paint job to look as white as fresh snowfall on a bright winter’s day in Connecticut (as opposed to that same snow two weeks later). Let’s see if the Showroom Detailing package can make that happen.


2nd Place: Rick from Torrington

Prize: Six Gold Wash Tickets ($110 value)

Too bad Rick didn’t win the detailing package, since it would have given him the motivation to clean that stuff out of his car. Anyway, we hope some of that stuff is on its way out as part of his spring cleaning process. The Goodwill would be thrilled to receive that rare copy of “America’s Achievements in Space” on VHS.


3rd Place: Randee from Simsbury

Prize: Six Gold Wash Tickets ($110 value)

Randee’s Subaru seems pretty clean, other than the conspicuous clump of dirt sitting right in the middle of the hood. We suspect the vehicle’s owner may have placed the clump there on purpose as a calculated attempt to win a free wash to remove said clump. Well played, Randee.


4th Place: Nicole from Torrington

Prize: Six Gold Wash Tickets ($110 value)

When we first thought up this photo contest, we were looking for submissions like Nicole’s––vehicles that truly showed their constant usage, and were inevitably made messy by it. Here you have it: mud in mats, stuff in the passenger seat, and not one but two coffee thermoses left in the cupholders. This truck is clearly a hard worker, and we’re glad to show it a little love with the six Gold Washes.


Special mention: Alan from Prospect and Joe from Middletown also submitted photos of their cars but didn’t manage to get enough votes to make it into the winner’s circle. Thanks for playing – we look forward to seeing what you can bring to our next competition.


Wasn’t this fun? We thought it was. Keep in touch with us through Facebook, Twitter, and our mailing list to find out what our next contest will be.

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    HA! Whatever works!! :) Thanks Platinum!

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