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It’s Always Dirtiest Before the Spring Photo Contest

Spring is a time for renewal. As the days grow longer, and the foliage regains its vibrant green hue, we rediscover the thrill of driving along a country road, blasting the summer hits with the windows down.


In that spirit, Platinum Car Wash & Oil is offering its green car cleaning services to put your vehicle back to its original showroom finish. The catch: you have to prove you deserve it. We are looking for Connecticut’s dirtiest, most pitiable vehicles, so we can give them our most glossiest wash and detailed detailing.

Here’s the deal:

Each Facebook user may submit one snapshot of a particularly messy vehicle. It could be a muddy truck, a sandy sedan, an unkempt convertible – any vehicle that is dirty on the inside or out.

The winner is decided by vote. You will be judged on the dirtiness of your car, but we promise not to judge you as a person. Messiness happens, and when it does it’s best to bring in some pros to get things back to their shining glory.

And if your vehicle happens to be immaculate, but you have a certain friend who seems to commute through mudslides, snap a photo of the grimy vehicle in question and submit it on your friend’s behalf.

And the specifics:

1. You must have taken the photograph.

2. The photograph must be of a messy car or truck belonging to you or someone you know who would be cool with you submitting a photo of said vehicle for public display.

3. The prize goes to the vehicles owner, who may choose to remain anonymous.

4. If your picture is not of the exterior or interior of a vehicle, we will remove it.

5. Anything we deem profane will be removed.

6. The winner will be decided by popular vote. Get your friends to help you with that.

7. We get to take and post a before and after shot of your car on our site and Facebook.


And the prizes:

One first place vehicle will be treated to our Showroom Package detailing – that’s a full $199.95 worth of clean.

Three second place winners get book of golden tickets – six tickets redeemable for one of our Gold Washes


Please message us with any remaining questions. And may the messiest ride win.

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