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Conserve Water and Save the Planet with Commercial Car Washes


Using a commercial car wash helps you go green.

  • In the US and Canada, it’s required that the wastewater produced at commercial car washes is drained directly to a water treatment or drainage facility where it’s stripped of chemical pollutants coming from the car itself (exhaust residue, oil, fuel, etc.) and cleaning agents. Water drained from your driveway is more likely to drain directly to natural waterways, contaminating wild habitats with harmful chemicals.
  • An estimated 60 percent less water is used at a commercial car wash compared with washing at home with a garden hose, according
  • Read the full article, Conserve Water and Save the Planet With Commercial Car Washes.
We go above and beyond.
  • Platinum Car Wash & Oil uses advanced water reclamation systems to use a fraction of the amount of fresh water of garden hose and other traditional car washes use.
  • We also use VFD, variable frequency drives, to power our motors and other equipment that help reduce overall power consumption and use site wide.
  • Using strict standards we dispose of  your used oil and oil filters at proper recycling facilities to help protect the environment.
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